Et tu Brute? On the bloodstained steps of the Roman Senate, Julius Caesar lay dying. His assassins hoped that one man's death would put an end to tyranny and restore the Roman Republic.

They were wrong.

But time and again assassins would wield the blade - or poison vial, bullet or bomb - to shape the course of history.


Join me on a journey to the darkest recesses of history. Let us tarry awhile in royal courts, revolutionists' dens, and the corridors of power.

And let us listen very carefully to the hushed voices. For there lurk people who would change the fate of nations by a single terrible act.



meet the host.

Hi, I'm Niall Cooper, the host and creator of Assassinations Podcast.

I've always been fascinated by the darker side of history, its intrigues, and the bloody deeds of the world of the assassin.

Join me as I delve into some of history's most notorious assassinations and explore the mysteries and conspiracies that surround them.