Boris Korczak, the Spy with Nine Lives Part 1

Episode 2.5: Boris Korczak, the Spy with Nine Lives Part 1

With a touch of James Bond, a soupçon of Inspector Clouseau, and a dash of Walter Mitty, the story of Boris Korczak seems too out-there to be true. A Polish Lithuanian emigre, Korczak worked for seven years as a CIA asset within the KGB before his cover was blown. In this week’s episode, we recreate a radio interview with Korczak that took place on WRC’s Joel Spivak Show in October 1982 in which Korczak makes some incredible claims and remarkable allegations. Did a psychotic Soviet assassin really come to kill him, but instead drink an entire bottle of vodka while sitting at his kitchen table? Was Korczak really shot with a poisoned pellet while he wrestled with a plastic bag in the fruit aisle of a supermarket in suburban Virginia? Whatever is true, this is a story you don't want to miss.