Sergei Skripal & the Poisoned Perfume Part 2

Episode 2.13: Sergei Skripal & the Poisoned Perfume Part 2

In Part 2 of this three-part episode, we learn that after coming to Britain in a spy swap in 2010, Sergei Skripal maintained a relationship with his MI6 case officer and continued to carry out intelligence work. According to interviews Skripal gave to a BBC journalist, he continued to work with British and American authorities until 2017. His MI6 handler, Pablo Miller, worked for a private company called Orbis Business Intelligence, which prepared the "Trump-Russia Dossier.” We find out about the two Russian men accused by the British government of being responsible for the attempted assassination of the Skripals, and we look at the claims by an investigative website, Bellingcat, that they were not who they claimed to be.