Sergio Rojas

Episode 3.4: Sergio Rojas

This week, we’re taking a quick break from our current season about journalists to investigate a breaking story. On March 18, Sergio Rojas, an indigenous rights leader, was gunned down in his home in Costa Rica. His death has been linked to the long-running disputes between tribal peoples and non-indigenous farmers in the Térraba River region of Costa Rica. While it is currently unclear who killed Rojas, many who knew him believe that he was assassinated because of his role at the forefront of the struggle for indigenous land rights. The case has received almost no coverage in the English-language press, but it was brought to our attention by Russell Davis. Russell is a celebrity bartender and consultant, who's also the Chief Cocktail Officer of our program sponsor, Shaker & Spoon. He was working with indigenous groups in Costa Rica when Sergio Rojas was killed, and in this episode we speak with Davis, who offers us his insight into the situation. 

A transcript of this episode is available here.

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